Volkswagen Canada

Contrary to what you may be thinking, Volkswagen Canada does still exist.  Even though they closed their head office in Scarborough, where the annual Great Canadian Bug Show used to take place, I have been informed that there is still an office in Ontario.

Here is the e-mail I received:

Subject:  Volkswagen Canada, Inc.
Date:  Tue, 10 Oct 2000 14:45:51 -0400
From:  "Seifried, Barbara"
To: "''" <>

Under your list of "official" Volkswagen web sites, you mentioned that Volkswagen of America, Inc. includes Canadian models, as Volkswagen of Canada no longer exists.  Please note that Volkswagen Canada Inc. does indeed exist and is still a legal entity with its Canadian head office in Ajax, Ontario.  To clarify, we (i.e. Volkswagen of America and Volkswagen Canada) had "bolted" some of their functions a number of years ago and each company performs certain functions for both countries.  For example, Volkswagen Canada does all accounting services for VWoA and VWC  - these include accounts payable, accounts receivable, all financial statements, etc.  It would be appreciated if you could please amend your website to show the correct information.  Thank you.

I am truly sorry for this oversight on my part.  After doing searches on the Internet, in phone books and other places, and coming up with no results for Volkswagen Canada, I was under the impression that everything was taken over by VWoA.  My mistake.

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