VW Fox Facts
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VW Fox History:

"The VW Fox was intrusted to Italy's Giorgietto Giugiaro.  He is also the same man who designed the Audi Fox and the VW Dasher.  The Dasher started production in 1973 just as the Type 3 was coming to an end.  The Dasher shared mechanical specifications with the Audi Fox.  The VW was a fastback and 173.1 in. long.  This is 10 in. longer than the Audi Fox.  He kept the same type of suspension and the longitudinal engine that the Audi Fox had.  The idea for the longitudinal engine comes from the Mercedes-Benz designed Audi 100 in 1966."
Info taken from Volkswagen Buyer's Guide, By Peter Vack 1993.
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Here's is Italdesign's official web page.  This is the company run by Giorgietto Giugiaro.  I strongly urge anyone with automotive interested to spend some time looking through their web page.  I didn't realize so many cars were designed by Italdesign!

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Other Fox Facts:
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