Audi 2N 5-speed


Where to find the 2N? What to do?
  1. Acquire the tranny.
  2. Acquire a new clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and even possibly flywheel, depending on mileage on your car. The Fox stock clutch is the same as the one for the Audi 2N tranny, as well as a few others. T/O bearing is the same too.  If you plan on lightening the flywheel, now would be a good time.
  3. I recommend changing the transmission main shaft seal (make sure you get the Audi one, not a fox one :-)   ) as well as the drive flange seals while you've got this thing going.
  4. Redline Manual Tranny Fluid is VERY nice. @ $8.50 USD a quart, it's not cheap.  But then again, you're not supposed to ever have to change it.  Decreases the amount of drivetrain loss, which means an extra couple HP to the ground...
  5. Be sure to aquire the Audi linakage pieces that connect to the tranny.  The only piece that you'll need from the Fox 4spd is the rod that goes from inside the car to the outside.
  6. Moly grease for the inner CV flanges (where the CV mounts to the tranny).
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