Autobahn Spoilers
& other parts
Here are the VW OEM part numbers for the various VW Fox skirts and spoilers.  If anyone is aware of any other optional parts that were available through the VW dealers, please let me know.
Part number
Rear Trunk Spoiler 200 898 901 2-door and 4-door only
Rear Hatch Spoiler ? - I heard that these may have existed
Can anyone confirm this?
wagon only
Front bumper spoiler ZVW 170 101 Any Fox
Side Skirts X 169 200 2-door and wagon
Side Skirts X 169 204 4-door
Rear trunk rack ZVW 274 122 (none left in warehouse) 2-door and 4-door only
Rear window louvre ??? - this one I know exists 2-door and 4-door only
Side Window Deflectors (set of 4 - 2 front, 2 rear) ZVW 178 120 4-door only, any year
Side plastic molding (the thin ones at side-marker-light level) ?
Wheel well arches 
(they're about 1cm thick; my Fox came with them)
[I think these are generic aftermarket ones]
? Any?
"FOX" mudflaps ZVW 166 302 Any Fox

Here are some notes:

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