Air Filters


What is available? How to mount it?
I chose to mount mine using a cut-up stock airbox so that the MAF sensor would remain in the stock position, and so that the engine side of the airbox could act as a heat shield (the colder the air the engine breathes, the more performance is gained).  Furthermore, since there are electronics and very precise components inside the MAF, I think that the less vibration the MAF gets, the better.

The design in the pictures is a first attempt, but nevertheless I think it turned out pretty well.  I will drill/cut holes in the fender side of the airbox so that more cold air can be drawn, and with time I will also route a hose from behind the grille to increase the cold air available to the filter.  I am also planning on keeping the pre-heat hose from the exhaust manifold attached to the airbox, to further stabilize the airbox itself.  The hole will be plugged, so that no hot air gets sucked in by the filter.  In the pictures, the hole in the airbox is sealed with aluminum foil and secured with a clamp.

If I decide to modify a second airbox, I would attempt to leave the right-side clip on the front in place, and leave a bit more airbox material on the top in the corner closest to the intake manifold.  A small detail would be to cut along one of the "ridges" that are part of the design of the airbox to give it a more stock look.  I'd try to make the cuts cleaner too, and use something other than a hacksaw :)

Big thanks to Jonathan for the information about the cone air filters, as well as the pictuers from his car!  It took me a year to post them, but they're finally here!  Thanks to Kenny as well for his pictures, to Ian for finding a used airbox for me, and to Peter for his setup's details.
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