Moving the battery to the trunk


In order for any car to handle well on the road, the weight distribution across the axles should be as close to 50% / 50% as possible.  Because the Fox's engine is longitudinally-mounted, there is a bit more weight over the front wheels and in front of them when compared to a car with a transversely-mounted engine.  You can help move some of the weight to the rear of the car by relocating the battery to the trunk.  The basic idea is to move the battery into a special box in the trunk (so the acid won't leak if there's a problem), and run the wiring to the front of the car by means of the interior.
What you need? Where to get the wire?
I read this a while back on the VW Watercooled newsgroup.  It was in reference to moving a battery in a GTI, but the source for the wiring is a good one - from a used Audi.
Instead of spending 40 or 50 bucks on 4 gauge wire from a hardware store (the stuff that doesn't bend), you can either go to a welding store and find it cheaper or go the easier route and not reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Audi 5000's have the battery under the rear pass. seat and so, if you do the figuring, they also have a pre-cut, preinsulated cable of around the same length (a bit long) with ends on it to use for the same purpose.  In junkyards, I saw at least 5 or six of these cars and the cables were always there.  Today, I paid 2 bucks for mine and just followed it under the carpet and yanked the sucker out.  Took 10 minutes including figuring out how to get to everything.  The cable does have a union in the middle where it jumps a size and type of insulation, but that shouldn't pose a problem.

Hope this helps and saves guys like me the cash they work hard for.

What to do? Directions:
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