Lightened Flywheels


How it drives?
I installed both a lightened flywheel and a 5-speed transmission at once, so it is somewhat difficult to say exactly what the lighter flywheel did to the car's characteristics.  The gearing and final drive of the 5-speed definitely helped with acceleration.

With the new flywheel, the RPMs definitely drop quicker between shifts, and I have to either shift quickly, or rev the engine up a little bit before engaging the next gear (this is when driving slowly and moderately).  When driving with enthusiasm, the RPMs drop nice and quickly during gear shifts.  Furthermore, when driving along and just mashing the gas pedal, acceleration seems quite instantaneous compared to what it was with the 4-speed and stock flywheel.

As I understand it, my flywheel was lightened "as much as possible" without compromising strength.  The weights were taken on our bathroom scale, and I zeroed it both times with the paper on it, so it's as accurate as possible using the equipment I had available.


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