My 1992 Volkswagen Fox

My 1992 VW Fox -- August 1998
The Adamobile II [A Canadian 1992 Volkswagen Fox II 2-door]
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Incomplete list of the modifications I have done to my 1992 Fox II since I bought it:

  • Upgraded the audio. Sony tape deck [medium-quality picture here], Sony CD-Changer, front 3.5" Blaupunkt 2-way speakers, rear 6"x9" Sony 3-way speakers, Orion 2x60W amplifier, Dr. Crankenstein 12" bandpass subwoofer.
  • Installed an alarm system.
  • Installed a front end cover [i.e. a "bra"] from CoverCraft. I take it off for the winter because of the heavy salting on the highways.
  • Interior. Installed roof console with map light, tachometer [instead of an analog clock], glovebox light, map pockets on doors.
  • Exterior. 1-wiper during the summer, Fox I GL hubcaps in winter [not pictured], Votex 14" aluminum rims in summer (185-60-14).
  • Upgraded the exhaust - 1979 Audi Fox dual outlet exhaust manifold, Techtonics dual downpipe, Techtonics cat-back exhaust.

  • Added blue "accents" accents here and there:  [wiper arms, "towing hooks" front and rear, exterior door handle inserts, timing belt cover, valve cover, rear drums, front calipers, etc.]
    "To-do" list:
  • Replace the red stripe down the length of the car [not clearly seen in the pictures] with a blue one.
  • Buy and install a short-style hood antenna [Bosch-made].  I have decided against the roof-mounted one, as it would be way too much work - the rear window would have to be taken out, and the headliner is glued really well, thus it might tear when installing an antenna.

  • [If anyone has installed a roof-mounted antenna in a Fox sedan, or any other VW sedan, please e-mail me.]
  • Install an RDS chip for the Sony deck. ["RDS" = Radio Data System for those in North America who don't know. Its a protcol for radio stations to encode text messagse which the radio can then decode and display. Example: a message such as "Energy 108 - The Nation's Music Station" would scroll by on the radio's display. The only downside, is that very few Stations in North America use this technology.]  So far there are NO radio stations in the Toronto area which broadcast RDS.
  • Install a rear fog light.
  • Other pictures:

    Just a note:  these pictures are of my car "as-is".  I haven't cleaned it before I took the pictures, nor have I washed or vaccuumed it in quite a while.  (They are also somewhat out of date.)

    Pictures eventually coming:
    Please E-mail me with comments, impressions, etc.
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