1982 Volkswagen Quantum

The VW Quantum is the equivalent of the VW Passat B2 in Europe

The VW Quantum was only sold in the USA between 1982-1990, with production models only existing between 1982-1988 (1989-1990 Quantums were sold, but they were 'old stock' left over from 1988).  If this is wrong, please let me know.

I don't know much else about them, and don't plan to expand this page much beyond a "this is cool to know" info page.

What I do know:


The one in these pictures was about 1.5 hours from Toronto, Ontario in Canada (45 minutes north of Mississauga).  103,000 original miles, new battery & fuel pump, apparently ran well (I didn't check), had rust perforations on both rear fender lips and near the bottom hinge of both front doors, seats were somewhat ripped and the dashboard was cracked in several places.  It had A/C but was missing parts like the dryer and possibly more.  It's a 5-speed, 1.7L.  There's also some rust above the front grill and on the underside of the hood.  The exterior colour was a light minty metallic green, and the interior was brown.

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