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NOTE:  As you have probably noticed, I've done nothing with the Fox Registry since early 2000.  I am putting the Fox Registry on hold for now, and will attempt to get the rest of my site up to date, and only after that will I try to work on this section.  I still have all of the e-mails I have received regarding the Registry saved, but I have no time to do anything with them.  I apologize.

In order to join the VW Fox registry, simply cut and paste the headings below into an e-mail, fill in the information required, and attach a picture or more, if possible.  Try to keep the attachments down to around 2 MB per e-mail, but you can send a few e-mails if you've got lots of pictures of your Fox.

For VW members outside Canada and the USA, if you own any of the following, you're also very welcome to join the registry:
  • VW Voyage
  • VW Parati
  • VW Saveiro
  • VW Gol
  • VW Gacel
  • VW Amazon
  • VW ?
  • As long as the VW is based on the BX platform like the Fox, you're welcome to join!
    Here are the headings: (you don't have to supply everything, if you don't want to)

    Car's name:

    This is for fun - if your car has a nickname, please list it here.
    Owner's name:


    Some people prefer me not to list their e-mails.  If this is the case, please let me know.
    But I have also heard from some people who were glad others listed their e-mails, because they were able to find someone in their area who knew where to find used parts, etc..
    Where you live - i.e. "Toronto, ON, Canada"
    If you have a WWW page, you can list it here.  It doesn't have to be about Volkswagens.
    i.e. 1992 VW Fox 2-door
    Production date:
    i.e. 01/92  [month/year]

    You can find this on the white sticker when you open the driver's door.  (It has the VIN, vehicle weight, etc. on it.)



    If you've modified/swapped the engine.

    Exterior colour:

    Interior colour:


    Rims / tires:


    Interior modifications:

    Exterior modifications:

    Other modifications:

    Future plans:

    Awards won:


    [These are just sample questions to get you thinking about neat and different things you and your Fox have done...]
    Has it been in magazines?
    Have you owned it since new?
    Have you beat a 5.0L Mustang to 300 km/h?
    Do you own a Fox outside of North America?  [I've heard from people in the Czech Republic and Finland, who own genuine Brazilian-made VW Foxes, not VW Polo Foxes!]
    Please note:  I tend to get really busy from time to time and it may take me a week or more to get back to you.  But rest assured, I reply to every e-mail I get; well, everything except for spam.

    E-mail me to join the registry
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