Wolfsburg Limited Edition
[Canadian 1989 VW Fox Wolfsburg Limited Edition]

FOX Wolfsburg Limited Edition.  Swift Elegance.

  Never has the Fox been more stylish than in '89 Wolfsburg Limited Edition.  With its unique Quartz Grey colour and 5-speed manual transmission it seems to move on its light alloy wheels with all hte shadowed elegance of its rare and precious namesake.
  Outside, on the front fender, it bears hte discreet Wolfsburg Limited Edition badge that signals good value.
  Inside, you'll experience the comfort of the unique grey velour interior and the sound of a fine stereo cassette player.  The sport style steering wheel represents the great handling and perfromance which this car offers.
  This is the grey Fox, the Wolfsburg Fox.  Deceptively elegant.  Deceptively efficient and good value for your money.


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