Mmm... Alcohol

To people outside of Brazil who have never heard of this (like myself before finding out), this sounds really weird.  A car that runs on alcohol?  I just had a picture of going to the gas alcohol station (or liquor store): "One for you, one for me, ..." :)

Thank you to Luiz Augusto Alvarenga de Barros from Brazil, who told me this:

You know, in Brazil alcohol is largely used as fuel for cars/trucks and bikes, and it develops more power than gas engines (due to higher octane of the fuel), and higher compression rates necessary for the fuel to ignite.  It is far more eco-friendly too, since alcohol is produced out of sugar-cane, and it is an unending, renewable resource.  What helps in  making it such a good alternative to petroleum-based fuels, is the fact that it is much cheaper than those fuels, 'coz it's produced entirely here [Brazil]. The technology for this was invented in the mid-seventies in Brazil.
Luiz has also translated his Portuguese page about alcohol as a fuel into English.  You can read it here.  It's very detailed with lots of information.

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