Buby's VW Gacel Toy!
This is the only toy ever made that looks like the VW Fox

Rare VW Gacel toy made by Buby of Argentina

VW Gacel

The VW Gacel is the equivalent of the early Brazilian VW Voyage, before it was exported to Canada and the USA as the VW Fox.
The Buby VW Gacel
The VW Gacel toy was produced in the early 1980's by the Argentinian company "Buby".  The toy was never officially exported to the USA or Canada.  Today it is rather rare, though not uncommon.

Doug Breithaupt, an avid collector of cars of all sizes, has a page devoted to his Buby Gacel.  He even has the original package it came with!! Click here to see his Gacel.

The 4 Buby Gacel pictures you see on this page were very kindly sent to me by Bill Jackameit.

Engine looks stock to me :).....Are those red rims?

The Buby Gacel came in 3 colours, as can be seen in the picture above.

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