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Here I will add any and all VW and VW-Fox related stories that anyone may have.  Please keep them clean, and if you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing, don't use real names :)

    My younger brother was going around town in my '87 Fox when he's stopped by a red light.  As he's waiting for the light to change, and shiny new Toyota pickup pulls up alongside him.  It's got custom wheels, it's lowered, and has a nice paint job.  There's a couple of yound dudes inside; probably just cruisin' to show off their ride.  So my smart-aleck brother decides to see what it is that this truck has got.  He revs up the engine on the little
Fox (we've nicknamed it "The Foxy Ride" cause it's got 230,000 miles, plenty of dents, and still starts up every morning) to get their attention and have themselves a go of it.  The dudes look over, and surprisingly enough, realize that my brother isn't joking and does wanna race...
     The light turns green and my brother doesn't waste any time peeling out (it's still capable of it).  As he's making the engine sing sweet songs, he's waiting for the truck to come flying past and disappear into the horizon.  It doesn't materialize though.  So he checks his rear-view mirror, thinking that they might've decided not to waste their time with the hooptie.  They're not behind him.  So he's shifting through the gears, concentrating on keeping the rpm's in the powerband and he's wondering "where the heck are they?"  They're not in front.  They're not in back.  So he quickly glances to his side.  Lo and behold, there they be, trying hard not to let him get ahead...
     I laughed so hard when he told me this story, my sides ached.  Poor dudes.  They'll be making payments for awhile and their ride couldn't even take a VW Fox.

Well, we have answered a rather interesting question a few days ago.

"What would happen if a modern car plowed into a VW Fox ?"

Well, the answer is this, you will need a new modern car.

My Girl was pulling out of the parking lot of the hotel where she worked, and looked up to see a Honda Civic, spinning on the snow, out of control straight at her credit she actually managed to slam it in reverse and spin the tires, in that split-second (no easy feat, considering where the reverse gear *is*, on an 87 Fox) but it was futile when sitting in a pile of snow and slush.

The Civic struck it, front end striking the rear-left quarter of our Fox, causing a mild crumple, dent and shattering the cover on the rear left turn signal.  The Civic and our car, then spun together, side-swiping, and this dented the front left fender, just a little bit, not even enough to compromise the wheel well, a dent which was later pulled out by hand.

Our Fox wound up shifted 90 degrees right, still in place, as the Civic flew past, slamming into, and nearly climbing, a large rock nearby.

End result, Two dents and a smashed turn signal on our Fox, one totally mauled Honda Civic....all passengers were wearing seatbelts, and no one at all was injured, Although my girl is still complaining about the chocolate milk she wound up wearing, instead of drinking, sometime during this collision.

Gotta love that German Engineering, guess they just don't make them like they used to, eh ?

Ironically, another friend of mine, who owns an 88 Fox, was struck the same day, rear-ended by another car, and the damage does not look too bad in photos, but apparently his insurance company simply prefers to write it off due to the age of the vehicle, and difficulty in getting parts.

Well, be that as it may, it will likely solve my difficulty in affording them, because he intends to bring the wreck with him when he moves, and give it to me for spare parts, which i will put to good use.  I had not known the front brakes were still the original 1987 ones, till they came apart on us, one day, and yet the car still held up like a champ all the way to the nearest brake shop, for emergency repair/replacement.  And the emission system, is holding together right now via the modern wonders of coat hanger and duct tape, but still the car hangs in there like a tank.

So add two dents to the registry listing, and mark one bullseye on the side.

This car is so tough, has been through so much, that when i repaint it, i intend to find a discrete spot and paint a bronze star, complete with ribbon, in minature upon it.

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