I live in a small town near a city. Sometimes to get between the city and the town I live in, I take a commuter bus from one place to the other. Most of the other riders on the bus are middle life, middle management zombies. Sometimes when I ride the bus, I can hear their conversations and to me it sounds as if these people are dead. They sound mundane and boring. They have been lobotomized by popular culture and killed by the drudgery of the routine they subject themselves to. When I hear them speak to each other their conversations are limited to the TV show they saw the night earlier, the fast food place they had lunch at, the bus ride they're experiencing. They are totally useless, weak, boring people. If one died, another would assume their role in society, the flow of things would be undisturbed.

Now personally, I believe that subjecting yourself to a boring and unchanging routine is an act of hopelessness. I believe that a human being has a responsibility to him or herself to lead an interesting life, to stay dynamic. I also believe a human has the responsibility to stand up for him or herself when he or she is being fucked with. I believe the best attitudes a person can hold are to have the will to stand up for himself when deemed necessary but also to not be the kind of person that "don't take no shit." And also to be the kind of person that allows things to just happen, to change without forcing a change and without stopping a change. Have a decent balance between intelligent rationality and childish impulsive behavior.

What I don't like are the kind of people who refuse to change and therefore refuse to be an interesting, dynamic person, and the kind of people who don't let anything slide. I despise the control freak and the tantrum-prone child. I like both chaos and quiet reflection. Although the content of each one of my tracks is different, I'd like to think that somehow each track reflects the ideas and thoughts that were expressed in the previous paragraph. I'm not trying to spread a message of armed revolution against the government and corporations (although I am, sometimes) as much as I am trying to spread a message of personal revolution against systems of thought that are keeping people spineless and boring.

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