Hundreds of fans lined up around the block from a small punk rock club like it was the latest Star Wars movie. Seems like a typical scenerio for a popular band playing their hometown show, a scene many independent bands would love to see happen at their shows. Perhaps one day in the life of Stratford, Ontario's noize-core producer, .miQ - it will happen. Given the right essentials of time, money and mass publicity, crowds will gather 'round the feet of this multi-purpose mastermind of noize-making.

The louder the better, the more bass the better, and the more noize the best. This should be .miQ's motto, or at least something you should keep in mind when going to see one of his shows or downloading his works online. A small disclaimer, don't forget to pack your ear plugs!

A majority of Canadian digi-artists live under various monikers and are members of many bands and have many side-projects, .miQ is no exception!

Living under a veil of names like noCore, Zymotic, DJ Meme (pronounced "meem"), Clipfit, and collaborating in projects such as the psychodelic glitch-core Exist, 5e5o5, and performing live guitar/noise for the digital assaulting Schizoid, not to mention lending a helping hand to gabber/speedcore masterminds, All Out Assault - .miQ seems to be everywhere! All this after spending his pre-digital years in such local hardcore bands, Molotov Children and Spun.

The grand-mastermind doesn't stop at just being a musician, .miQ heads Revolutionary Independent Productions (formerly known as r.i.p.theSystem).

The Revolutionary Independent Productions website (http://go.to/ripthesystem) serves many important functions, such as a distribution outlet for digi and hard-edged based music, a massive resource database for political thinkers and music lovers, as well as a downloading database for various artists and the infamous r.i.p.theSystem compilation album. R.I.Productions hopes to be pressing releases on vinyl in the upcoming future, so all you record collectors keep your eyes peeled for that!

.miQ is a very impressive man that supplies us with endlessly amazing talents. Only the future will tell what will happen with his various music endevours and Revolutionary Independent Productions projects.



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