With my longtime partner-in-crime .miQ S. far away in Stoney Creek at sound engineering school, I was hard at work, in about early Spring '2000, on my own material in SCHIZOID, an ill-fated DJ RABIES/SCHIZOID split recording. .miQ was busy producing tracks for a whack of projects including .miQ-E, .clipFit, ZYMOTIC, noCore and as well up to D-hijinx with his new cohorts in ALL OUT ASSAULT. When we could we'd get together and get trashed... this is when we decided that we should do a track together for this upcoming remix/compilation that this cool underground mailing list/zine Existential Boredom was doing. The computer was handy and we started working on this crazy noise track together.

Maybe every 2-3 weeks or so... we'd get together, smoke a storm/get spun on caffeine and sleep dep, and work more and more on this track we started. It was fucked! Sounding very different than our other projects, this track had a life of it's own, it's own reality, it's own dimension(s). Pressing on the Acid sequencer program sent chills down our spines as the first notes kicked in. It was almost like we were trying to annoy and aggravate ourselves with the samples we used (stole) from anywhere where we could conceive of! Game shows, commercials, children's cartoons, death march hymns, black metal and world music, oh my oh my! This continued for months, the track nicknamed "eXistnoiZe" getting bigger and bigger and the samples getting weirder and weirder until we had this 30-something minute long monster!

But then... disaster struck!!! My HD crashes (Lesson #1: Always backup your HD when you make tracks on your PC) and everything, my SCHIZOID tracks, the "existnoize" track, everything, is lost. Alas, .miQ had a copy of the first 24 minutes of the track as MP3 on his HD, and work began on a part that would be tagged onto the end of that track to continue the insanity - another 8-orso minutes was added as a concludatory send-off to the "eXistnoiZe" track...

Somehow in the process, what was supposed to be a continuation of the track, later dubbed "01.01.1980 [noiZe}", turned into a track that could stand on it's own... With the same awkward and noisy soundscapes, but with gabber/breakbeat loops progressing things along.. Across the internet, trading samples and sequencer files, we developed more and more of these tracks - I concentrated on fucked up sampling and a general cornycore song structure with .miQ kicking the song in gear, and in the ass, with his clipfitting glitches and other general chop/chopsuey mayhem... When another track "09.09.2000 [acidicream]" was completed for contribution to the "Riot-Soundz" mailing list's CD compilation, it was far, far too late; we shortened the long song's nickname to "EXIST" and used that as the official moniker for our newfound "band"...

We liked EXIST as a band name because it was general, and vague, it can mean whatever you want to read into it, or not read into it - it definitely provokes a reaction, I don't know whether to laugh with the sounds, or be scared by them. Now that the CD's done, I listen to it with delight and horror, and try to understand what the music is trying to convey to me, and I am still light-years away from figuring it out - Oh the tension and the darkness of it all!

j.schizoid & .,miq
01.29.2000 [explanation]


DTRASH031The Tension And The Darkness2001