KLUBKUTTAZ all began when b57 began doing hard and booty house remixes of DTRASH songs during the Summer and Fall of 1999. A collaboration formed between himself and Knifehandchop where the two exchanged samples or worked on songs separately under the same guise.

The 'Kockrock 3000 EP' that highlights the premier tracks produced during late 1999 is destined for release on DTRASH in the first quarter of 2001. Its sound follows the dirty aspects of what you'd expect from a DTRASH release, but new dance elements make it a fresh listen. In the end, this release is very far from any other hard or booty house existing. It's like an arcade game with sex samples and noise.

One track taken from the 1999 KLUBKUTTAZ session was 'Tutti Fruitti Booty' (fully written by Knifehandchop) which first appeared on our SexBeats Volume Two compilation but is now out on Irritant Records via Knifehandchop's new 7" release.


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