My name is Zak Roberts. I was born in May of 1979 in Denver, Colorado. Any other personal details are irrelevant to this page.

I began making tracks in early 1996. Previously I had experimented with 4 track tape machines, reel-to-reel tape, and other analog based media. During the time I used tape I was far more into creating interesting sounds than interesting songs. I feel in love with the idea of manipulation. Anything can be created, whether the sound is an exaggerated reflection of something existing in everyday life, or a noise born of a code of one's and zero's on a digital processor.

As I started to get into creating music with digital media, I found the possibilities for musical expression expanding into limitless territories. It became possible to make tracks and release records, all from a garage. So why not?

When I'd listen to German hardcore from the mid-late 90's, I loved the energy of it, but found its dependence on low-fi sound a bit tiresome. I wanted to create something with pure adrenaline, pure speed, and make it sound as if you were in the middle of the mess. And all from a little 4 track Cakewalk program.

I liked to combine speed metal guitars against fragile sounding strings, 303 bass against breakbeats and punk downbeats that sound as if they'd derail at any minute. I liked the idea that the track would sound like it would crash at any minute, and it was gonna take you with it.

The Dj Rabies sound was meant to serve as a catharsis, a vent for frustration, boredom, the need for a youth energy outlet. It wasn't meant to push any boundaries of sound, become any genre standard, or any shit like that. That is why it's beautiful to look back on: it's pure as what it is.

I've let the Dj Rabies style pass, and I let it die. The sound could not have evolved in my hands, and I felt like enough was pulled from the style on my account. The evolution of digital punk and metal styles are in far better hands with Schizoid and the others in the DTRASH crew. Keep an eye on them.

I have gone on to create more music under the name Cassandra Datakill. It's more subtle, less overtly aggressive, but just as deadly. More damage can be done with the mind than can be done with the fists.

Zak Roberts


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