At the beginning F_NOISE was formed as a group playing "live" (guitars, bass, drums & PC). It was 2000 and it was guitar hardcore. I don't know why, but we decided to play electronic, I think because of its action and abrupt opportunities. According to what is now called guitar hardcore, I think it is some way to become popular (money and chics in a make-up room). So we wouldn't love to be equated with just another "hardcore band" who exist like a klons of already famous groups in showbiz... We like to do what we are doing now: to express our emotions through mic overloads, to pass through public standards, fuck their minds, talking about what's going on. But it's rather difficult cause of mass media. Society fucking itself and don't have time to see the inside of things going around.

While recording our tracks we used PC (Reactor, Risn software), distortion guitar and bass. The same is used on concerts. Now we are trying to use MC303 and sampler...203 (we chose analogs from the cheap), Although you can use anything what you want while recording. And distortion guitars of course. Sometimes we record live drums loops, and in live set GEN13 they were constantly - improvisation mostly, and that was interesting to do. Besides of the members of F_NOISE their (in the project GEN13) took part the ideologist perdidors movement Anthony Gromov (distortionbass) and the infinite music lover DammyGEN13(vinyl, noiz, drum, voc).

Unfortunately F_NOISE don't have an official site. It's under construction now. By the way there's gonna be organized label D_STROYRECORDING, where's gonna be released lot of Russian(maybe not only russians) destoy bands, and F-NOISE of course and improvisation sets of GEN13. There wouldn't be such kind of labels in Russia for long time, cause of bourgeois-primitive and primitive-bourgeois interests of music produsers. PERDIDORs OF VONUCHIE, GONDONs of PRORVANIE, UBLUDKI and PIZDI POLUCHITE, HUI-KAL-BLAYT-PEZDA-ARASHTAMARE- ULAFANKULA!!!!!!!!!

Best regards,
-Irzechka(IRA ILUKHINA) - vox
-Lelchenberg(ALEKSEY ZVERKOV) - vox, programming
-Dzjenich(EVGENIY DONETSKOV) - programming

Thanks only: DTSTROY in D_STROY CLUB!!! Thanks for all who took part in D_STROY club life. And to D_STROY quarters for what was going on and recorded there.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH148Ya Sam Sebe President2010