Well, most of you think you're safe and free. But try to live in your own way... If you'll try to do it, you feel that policeman's stick has given the blow to your back! Yea, we hate all the policemen... They are fascist pigs, who protect the rich from poor only. We have to disabuse you: you are a puppet, which takes part in the performance. The puppet with no influence on the events that happen all around.

Fuck, wake up!!! Don't listen to their propaganda, don't be submitted, listen to your own heartbeat, because nobody will solve your problems if you don't make it by yourself. Be sure, that no government can gives you freedom. They call it by DEMOCRACY, but in fact it is a fucking POLICE STATE. Politicians want to receive your vote, because it's a part of their dirty game. Promises and lies - that's what you hear every day... and you digest this shit!!! Those, who have amassed the capital have acquired the power and privileges. Time to pull them out to the street...!!!

DHC MEINHOF - WHY WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT? We try to make our music the weapon to resist the system. We use all these instruments with a view to change the reality... Because the present one kills our dreams, our freedom, our independence. Music is helpful if we want to influence the human's consciousness. Anyway, we are not going to convince you of way we think is the only solution for all the problems. No! We'd like to show you a path only. If you decide to step this path you are on the war-path!!!

DHC MEINHOF is a declaration of war against all these bastards, who keep us in the state of slavery. Time to rise!!! Yea, we hate all the governments... They give you the place, when you have to live, and some other facilities.

Miss Magg Destruction & Refuzer!
We are Digital Hardcore Commando MEINHOF!!!


DTRASH063Way Of Death2005
DTRASH036Bring Noise To Order2002