A21 was started in Summer 2001 by Alexey AKA DJ Jesus Christ (screams, programming, sampling, riot & death) and Natalia Protasov (screams, lyrics, power, rage). Before this, Alex played in different punk-bands (PUNKSIONAT, CONSERVE ROW). The first incarnation also included some bastard that was banished from the group after only a month. Natalia and Alexey were very popular FM-DJs and worked at many Belorussian stations, but when the article "FM Must Die!" appeared in the press, and when the some of the first A21 tracks (including "Happy Beerday, Mr. President") hit the air, A21 were given the boot from their positions.

The A21 members founded their own label INVASION WRECK CHORDS to publish this material. A21 have taken a hard social stance to state mode, official show-biz and the inactive Belorussian punk-scene, who've accused the group of a departure from D.I.Y.-principles and overweening aggression. The new album of the band came out after 6 months and was entitled "People Vs. Ambassador 21", which immediately sold out and got an even greater amount of positive press.
It's necessary to say that for all this time, A21 did not play not a single live-show. In Minsk, there was nearly no concert venues or clubs where it was possible play such music. The club organizers felt there was a threat holding any live A21 appearance - In September 2002, the group released another album, (a split with Buben, but from this was released their first music video.) Next, A21 plan on another split album, this with HYPERDRIVER from the UK.

Our DTRASH release, "Ambassador 21 Vs. The World" - is a compilation of best and new sounds, made especially for the label. We are pleased to be cooperating with DTRASH and we hope this continues into the future, a live show in Canada would be fun!
-Alexey, Natalia (Ambassador 21)


DTRASH058Akcija Tour 20042004
DTRASH039Ambassador 21 Vs. The World2002