John Merrick’s Project is electronic noise for punx – music, fun and politics!

Music is the most direct, and one of the most powerful mediums for expression. This is probably because it first touches us on a physical level, like a blow or some kind of flux that would flow across our veins and body up to our brain. That’s basically where its power lies and the reason why it’s such an important thing that happens to support the people who build up history (hymns, war chants, revolutionary chants, popular songs, etc.) Music has this wonderful ability to captivate and that is why it can touch us in a very strong and determined manner. It’s an incredible mediator and a way to approach and spread many thoughts and reflection about life that surrounds us, about ourself.

"Punk" is do-it-yourself, so fuck tradition ! Rock, electronic... don’t give a shit to this ! The ideas are what matters. Express your anger, frustration, joy by your own way out of the traditional crap deserved by the daily life.

Punk has always been something more than entertainment – beyond doing our own music, labels, zines... The primary idea remains « take back your life ». In our capitalist society where everything is standardized, transformed in products and goods for profit (feelings, sexuality, rebellion, art...), we need to reappropriate these vital aspects of our nature to be something else that braindead slaves/customers.

Make your music, write, paint, read, travel, share opinions, demonstrate, cook vegetarian food, love, dream... there‘re so many things to reach a part of our freedom ! Everything is political!!! Thanx to Dtrash & keep your eyes open for the future « John Merrick’s Project »'s shit !

Anarchy & Peace...
-John Merricks Project (Band Line-Up & Equipment = No one and nothing in particular)


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