www.dtrashrecords.com had been launched in earliest of 2001, and I was busy with that, and getting the first EXIST album out there and into the world - I hadn't written SCHIZOID material for a few months after a disappointing HD crash that coincided with the release of "All Things Are Connected" the year before. About February, I got contacted by this guy Brett Petersel from NY - He had been trying to get in touch for a while about a collaboration of some sort, we talked more and it turned he was planning on starting a new label Double Threat Records. As the plans for the first Double Threat 001 Compilation (which featured SCHIZOID & ton of DTRASH artists as well as Bomb20, SMP) unfolded, he brought up the idea of doing a sideproject, and had an idea for a moniker "EMERGENCYINSTRUCTIONS".

He started to send me samples, and I got back into the groove of writing new material as well as getting better with the programs I wrote with. These samples were more 'breakcore'-ish then the types of samples I was accustomed to working with, more like amen breaks type of sounds, instead of the more gabber and sampled rap cassette loops I had been using, but I tried to roll with it and make something interesting. I also through in my own little touch with sample piracy from the classics (What else? Flintstones cartoons and Friday the 13th movies) to give the tracks a bit more character. Despite a couple month mentalblock on trackwriting, suddently track by track came until we arrived at 4 different songs ("In Case of Fire", "Exit Single File", "Remain Calm", "Dial 911") after a short amount of time.

For a year or two these tracks just sat around because honestly we didn't know what to do with them, we were busy with our own stuff anyway. In 2001, DoubleThreat was getting the compilation release together, and with SCHIZOID we were preparing for our first couple of real live shows. I liked the EI tracks a lot and didn't want to do an MP3 release like some of my other material. Along the way we got asked to write a whole EI full length album and some other nice offers, but it didn't seem right to push ahead with more EI, the concept had been completed as fast as it materialized.

We ended up hooking up with AKLASS Records to do a 7" vinyl for a split release between their label and our label. We gave them a few hundred dollars to help with pressing the vinyl, they took the money and never gave us anything in return. We hounded them for years about it and then realized it was not going to happen. We decided to release the MP3s online after all. Later our friend Chris C64 put one of the tracks on his upcoming DROSS:TIK Records compilation. It was a better note of to leave off the project with, seeing one of our songs on a cool release from a great label.


EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS was J. Schizoid & Brett Petersel


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