HANSEL: In light of our inability to remember events so far back as to the time HANSEL began making music, an assumption of events taken from documents and dated audio files will be deduced to a relative history.

A 486 crashing, a hard drive erasing entire songs never to be heard again, is an altogether too prominent of an early memory from the beginning. In fact a semi-early track called "Minor Melodic" was written about another song that was erased entirely with no proof of its existence also called "Minor Melodic". The early experimentation followed a similar lineage of obstacles like so many crumbling and rebuilding empires. We basically have no access to a lot of our really early material, which was good, since it prevented us from looking back.

We are constantly obsessed with persevering beyond the same old bullshit to get brand new sounds, new types of songs, make something that no-one has EVER FUCKING HEARD BEFORE!!!!

As far as where the name HANSEL came from, or why we started making the type of music that we make: We're not entirely sure, but this is some thing Alan FUX said... it seems true enough:

"It was like a kind of theme with our oldest stuff, like heavy electronic music that had a kind of irony of nursery rhymes still ensuing a level of anxiety and violence. < > HANSEL was a good name cause of the whole eating children and burning people alive, although I don't think we even thought of that at the time, all in all we were just like yeah 'HANSEL' that sounds good lets go work on beats or do something else..."

We are from Boston and exist as minorities in a world of musical regurgance. So many times a temptation attempted to corrupt us, to leave our distorted beat thug mentality and dumb our styles down to experience more local acceptance, but our sensibilities of 'FUCK THAT' persevered and allowed us to remove any desire we might have had of being SELL OUTS. Creating good music is infinitely more important to us than having thousands of screaming fans; Our fewer amounts of fans scream louder to compensate.

More recently we have found our new home at DTRASH. We are finding new uses for a giagantic collection of back-catalogued material. Hopefully all of it will be available soon, as DTRASH releases.

HANSEL is comprised of two humans:
Alan FUX efx - Vocals, Samples, Orchestration of Repugnance
MX_LOPECX - Beats, Sample adherence, Programming Loop-hole infested sample alterations and 8 dimensional maximization control.


DTRASH212The Future Is Not What It Used To Be2019
DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH184Crude Matters2014
DTRASH106Reshaping Linear Formulai2008
DTRASH056Subatomic Particles EP2004
DTECH06Lorentzian Lineshaper2006