I visited Amsterdam, Holland, years ago. I walked down the street, then noticed a small music shop. I paid attention to the music, that came out the shop and went in to a really small room. There were 4 speakers. And fuckin' loud hard techno, hit my ears with its energy. Coming back out onto the street... Fuck, I felt like a big hammer destroyed my head! It was my first experience with gabba... Then I thought it could be a pitiless weapon to mix that music with an anarchist message. "Gabberterror" is what it's all about.

"Gabberterror" is my fascination in gabber/hardcore techno music, that possesses pure energy. I think there are many other kids who feel so. The fascination has its strong influence on DHC MEINHOF - the digital hardcore band, that I treat as the main project. I wasn't gonna publish these 11 tracks... I was doing them during the last year for some summary needs (mixes for SCHIZOID from Kitchener / Canada, HANSEL - New York, USA and AMBASSADOR21 - Minsk / Belarus, sometimes did a track for pleasure. Then I decided to choose some shits to publish them as this underground print. I saved some of the tracks as MP3s files, so their quality could be better... But who cares? We don't come to listen to music... We come to riot!


DTRASH046Gabberterror EP2003