CANDIRU formed to create surreal industrial metal and experimental music in the early 1990s in Harrisburg, PA. Influenced by Godflesh, G.G.F.H., Skinny Puppy, Coil, and Zeni Geva, the band chose the name CANDIRU for kicks, after the infamous parasite-fish. In the beginning, the music was primitive which stayed as a theme throughout the history of the band's sound. As time went on, the sound morphed and got more technological because of new equipment like samplers and effects. The way the band worked in essence was one member (Kipp Johnson) bought equipment and laid down the 'guts' of the tracks, while the other member (Patrick McCahan) worked on promotion and business aspects while helping complete songs. Kipp wrote and played bass, programmed the samplers, wrote the beats while Patrick covered guitar and vocals CANDIRU practiced a lot in the beginning and decided after about 3 months of forming, to record the "Piscatorial Terror" demo. This immediately sparked label interested almost simultaneously of its release and CANDIRU headed back into the studio to record a 7" EP (partly self financed). Relapse heard the 7" EP and wanted it and CANDIRU ended up signing a full-length record deal with Relapse only a few months after forming... The 7" EP, "Disadvantage of Surprise" came out and was released on two different labels - Relapse in America (black vinyl 2500+ copies) and New Flesh Records (500 copies) in England, which was run by an employee of Peaceville.

CANDIRU got busy and wrote all the material for a full length and reworked some tracks from their first demo. Soon after, they went into the studio again and recorded the "Unloved and Weeded Out" CD, which was recorded & mixed twice. The album turned out different than the band expected, but they were pleased. Soon after the recording was done, Patrick headed to England to play a short stint in the UK band SCORN. No official recordings were released, but various shows and one tour occurred. By the time he returned, the CANDIRU CD was released in timely fashion, and hit stores. The pressing/sales figures were never revealed, but the band started to play live gigs with St. Vitus, Whitehouse, Macabre, Exit-13, Internal Bleeding, Dead World, Deceased and more.

They also worked very hard on their second album for many, many months. They wrote songs, re-worked the songs, and waited and waited for the green light to enter the studio. It never happened, except a recording released on the newly formed label Red Stream, a split 7" EP with FAT HACKER (which included guest member Swag on vocals and second bass) and a compilation track called "Stained" for Nuclear Blast Records compilation. Soon after, things started to fall apart for various bullshit reasons and CANDIRU broke up and never released the second CD they had worked on for over a year. DTRASH got in touch in 2003 with CANDIRU after SCHIZOID covered "Poison Mouth" from the "Unloved and Weeded Out" album, for his "Covered In Metal" CD. CANDIRU appreciated the cover version and offered some unreleased material to the label.

The recordings on this CD were the rough demo tracks for CANDIRUís second CD (some material would be for a third CD). The recordings were not meant for release and are taken from cassette tapes and are over 10 years old. With proper production the songs would have much potential so the work is worth a listen, even in this way. After the demise of CANDIRU, Kipp went on to release 2 experimental dub/industrial CDs as SOLARUS through Relapse while working for a media company. Patrick went on continuing to run Red Stream. No further CANDIRU information is available.

In 2008 D-TRASH celebrated CANDIRU's legacy by going deeper in the vault and releasing the 'Piscatorial Terror' demo and a live 1993 bootleg as DTRASH105.

Kipp A. Johnson - Bass, Drum Programming, Sampling, Lyrics
Patrick McCahan - Guitar, Vocals, Sampling

-All recordings by CANDIRU circa 1991-1992 on four track to cassette tape.
-Artwork, Mastering by SCHIZOID for D-TRASH, 07/08-2004.


DTRASH105Piscatorial Terror2008
DTRASH055Unreleased And Dug Out2004