ENAPA = Elias Lindman, A 22 year old Swedish sound-engineer elektro-musician synthnerd and manager for net-label GNASHED RECORDS.

"I´m creating music in the small town of Eskilstuna, in the north of Europe, more exactly in Sweden. I started as a bassplayer when I was around 13 - then began elektronic music seriously around 2000, though I fooled around with some trakkers as we all did in the mid 90`s. The music I make is just what comes out from my head when I turn my studio on, I like hardware and really hate that I've put myself in the position where I need a computer to create - the hate seems to grow stronger every day.

I think that probably is it, now I will do more sound-destruktion! Everyone should!"

Tools of ENAPA:

Synthesizers: Korg Mono/Poly, Elektron Sidstation Ninja, Fairlight CMI IIX, Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine, Kawai ms710, Knarr opto-synth, GBC/LSDJ

Samplers: Korg elektribe ES-1, Akai S2000, Casio FZ-1, Zoom Sampletrak ST-224, Roland S-220

Mixers: Mackie 1202, Soundcraft Series 400B 16CH, Jbl MusicMix 10

Rackstuff: Behringer Autocom-pro, Behringer Ultrapatch-pro

Computer: Pc Athlon Xp1700+ [crap], Audiowerk 8, Midiman Midisport 4X4

Listening: B&W dm-303 speakers, Technics sa-dx940

FX: Coron Distortion 10, Zoom GFX-707, Boss Digital delay, Danelectro dist

ENAPA likes to write gearlists...


DTRASH077Distkrypen Anfaller2005
DTRASH077Distkrypen Anfaller2005
DTRASH057Grovkornigkt Och Fastbränndt2004