Recent archaeological excavations have discovered what may be the oldest not half recordings to date. These date back to the year of 1983 and present a rare early glimpse into not half. Raw and primitive, they still exhibit some qualities found in present day recordings.
The first available examples of this early primitive were some tapes mailed out to various points on the globe in 1986. By 1990, there were tracks on compilations,collaboration tapes, tapes on other labels and two collaborative appearances on vinyl (Stuhlgangblockade N! and Kapotte Muziek "Utilities").
The 90's saw a change in technology and a brief period of seclusion, tempered by a few years in various bands. 1998 saw the release of "Born on the Wrong Side of the Eight Track" on cassette, which was made into cdr format the following year.

Undeniably, meeting and living with Fanny and Venetian Snares had some sort of impact as soon after tracks began to appear on Invasion Wreck Chords compilations as well as the appearances of remixes by not half on Ambassador 21,Fanny, and Venetian Snares cds and albums. Not to mention the infamous 12" on Noroomfortalent Records
Simultaneously, not half made many appearances as part of Winnipeg's world famous audio art festival Send and Receive, continuing to make both noise and music at the same time.
Reconnections with old friends have also seen more compilation appearances and cdr releases on various small independant labels.
A split MP3 e.p. with DJ Jesus Christ was released on DTRASH to some critical success (059).
Radioactive Monster Cats from Planet XLG-5 was released in MP3 format in 2007. And rereleased in 2008 on DTRASH (108). Later on in 2008 DTRASH released the MP3 album "I want it to be 1983 Again" to major critical acclaim. MAJOR CRUCIAL ACCLAIM came with the release of "C-Division.


DTRASH205Excluded From Owning Recording Equipment2018
DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH126I Want It To Be 1983 Again2009
DTRASH108Radioactive Monster Cats From Planet XLG 52008
DTRASH059Half of Christ2004