06.12.04 Faux Pride, Artist Profile.

.. what are you, some kind of pre-vert ? there's nothing interesting to hear, so move along now. I can't sing, I ain't pretty and mah legs are thin. s'all there is to it kids. no more no less, no sob story, political agenda or deep seething hatred for anyone or anything. yep, thats it. I wish this damned word processor would stop correcting my "mistakes". they're not mistakes, its artistic license dammit. oh fuck it all, im sure I do have an agenda here, though its barely vaguely related to the music at all. its all bollocks innit ? yeah, its all personal music based on personal circumstances, it's the kind of stuff I'd rather hear on the radio, unlikely as it is. can't people just get along ? fuckers.

alright, this is what England does to me, low self esteem and a bad back. that's what this music is about. having a bad back and wanting to stay in bed in the morning and .. fuckiiiing

the MUSIC ! what about it ? its better than prozac, that's what it is. killer loops and nasty horrible sounds that'll piss most people off. that's what people want, isn't it ? something outrageous, to say "hey, yeah, im alternative" .. what ? the humor ! the irony of it all ! everyone everyone needs a goddamn sense of humor, and if this music doesn't force one up their rectum, I'll fucking do it myself. "

oooo .. nasty angry noisy hardcore sounds .. that guy must be pissed off, right ?" yeah, well maybe, but only because you don't have a sense of ..

sincerity ? fuck it .. I've got plenty of that, but right now its not what I'm aiming for. bad punctuation an shit. maybe I'll look back in embarrassment at this fucking profile and cry one day. one day when im a little olderand a little wiser. maybe.

im a product, not a person !

I'm not writing this, everyone else is. I seriously cannot help this. go settle down now, and go listen to Brian McFadden. or whatever. fuck off, this is going terribly.

im only young.
and nave. ..
spare my soul ?

-faux "fucking terrible punctuation" pride.


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