You know the sound a cappuccino machine makes?

No, of course not, youíre all anarcho-syndicalist-socialist anti-globalization cookie lovers, who would refuse to drink cappuccino unless you personally grew it, picked it, and percolated it through your own teeth for four hours a day.

Either way, the sound they make; thatís what Cutting Pink With Knives has modeled its sound on. That, and the sound of being screamed at by girls.

So when you take those two elements, add some blastbeats and a load of distortion, you get the spastic crap that is Cutting Pink With Knives.

The first recorded material for the band was put down by Edi Frankel in early 2004, with the sole purpose of making horribly fast, annoyingly noisy, and unnecessarily emotional digital grindcore. Cutting Pink With Knives essentially set out to make disco-emo-grind, a genre which you wonít like, and we wonít really care.

What it all boils down to is honesty. Cutting Pink With Knives isnít about spreading some big political message or telling you how to think, its not even about vitriol or anger, the only thing Cutting Pink With Knives is trying to do is express emotion. Yeah, it sounds just a littleÖ.gay, but fuck you. Fuck you. Disco-emo-grind. Yeah.

So listen to it, if it doesnít change the way you think, or give you something cool to discuss in your next political philosophy class, just remember: itís not fucking meant to. The listener is fucking arbitrary.

Members: Edi Frankel, everything. Dan Antell, live programming. Chris Abitbol, live vocals.


DTRASH066Alef, Alef, Alef!2005