CTRLer: CTRLer (controller) is the ultimate musical project of J., after his experience in several bands and mainly in the industrial rock band Jennifer in Latex.

CTRLer style takes influences from European new electronic trends, developing a complex sound based on distortion, fast loops, powerful breaks and experimentation, but always with melody in mind.

CTRLer was also a metal and punk guitarist for several years, and he likes to add this kind of sounds and the way of "rock" composing to his music. The result could be near to digital hardcore or cybernetic punk, perhaps the punk of the future.

Annoyed with the current music market establishment, J created his own label called Error Deluxe Records in 2004, where he released the first CTRLer album titled "International HiTech Noize". He has done several collaborations on compilations and remixes for bands worldwide.

CTRLer has also done collaborations as guitarist on bands as AMBASSADOR 21 (Belarus), PLACID (Spain) or CIRCUS (Spain) and he has played live more than 100 gigs on west and east Europe.

"N4A: Noize for America" is the title of the CTRLer album for D-Trash. N4A is 50% harsh electronics, drum-n-bass and industrial sounds, and 50% punk, metal and samples from the metal bands that he admires most, such as SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, BRUJERIA, MACABRE, MUDVAYNE, KITTIE.

CTRLer has remixed Hansel (USA), Ambassador 21 (Belarus), Schizoid (Canada), Sober (Spain), More Machine Than Man (USA), Myself (Spain), Stin Scatzor (Belgium), The Crystalline Effect (Australia), Last Influence of Brain (Slovakia), Rasputin (Germany), Proyecto Mirage (Spain), Blood (Spain) and Thee Maldoror Kollective (Italy).


DTRASH065Noize 4 America2005