Born in Soviet Union.. a country that does not exist anymore.

I was raised, in a society that did not accept any kind of individuality, by parents who encouraged me to be different... that resulted in an unpleasent childhood. My first attempts of making music were made in the mid nineties, they were just a way to spend time and have fun with my computer... I went to study Jazz percussions in 1999 moving away from home to live alone in the capital of Estonia - Tallinn. I cancelled my classes in 2001 focusing on playing metal/breakbeat on a drumset. Playing drums was a trip for me, but it did not fulfill my need to express myself, so I left my drumset in 2002 and joined a metal band SOLWAIG as a lead singer

I got a lot of bullshit for using make up and different costumes on my live shows with that band - but I always wanted to entertain and I gave my best when I got the chance, so I figure people in Estonia were simply not ready for that.

But in SOLWAIG my only freedom was writing my own kyrics. I couldn`t be creative as a musician/composer. So I started screwing around with a computer again using one of the simplest most naive music making program ever made - SoundClub by Bluemoon Software (these guys are Estonians - they also made eMule, KaZaa etc. and I have heard they are hiding out in Australia now... Praise em!)

I couldn`t leave my passion towards playing drums though ... so I joined (probably) the biggest industrial-deathbeat band in the baltic states - Forgotten Sunrise - in the beginning of 2004, playing percussions for their live shows.

After messing around with Sound Club for over a year now.. I decided to release my work. It wasn`t maybe as proffessional as it was original and interesting... and with the support of some really cool people I did it. "Destiny in Life" was released by myself in the end of 2004 when I made just 100 copys of the album - most of which I gave personally to my friends and influences. Only six copys were ever actually available for purchase.

After that album I`ve gone even deeper into my PC to create music that would be just interesting and beautiful and inspirational. My Creation represents total freedom in creating music and audio violations. I am not into perfection in the sound quality in music - I am trying to make music that makes people think.

My biggest influences are Cartoons and videogames... screw that : FALLOUT ! FALLOUT 2 changed my freckin life! The world I experienced playing that game is what I`m trying to bring to people through my music! I bring you the newwave of Electronic punk, Post apocalypse pop.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH068Destiny In Life2005