HYPERDRIVER the multi-genre project of Steve Munslow, specializing in aggressive, noisy, weird and distorted sounds. Hard ?? You better believe it !! Breakcore, Noise, Speedcore, Gabber, all these and much more...

HYPERDRIVER plays a style, flexing his musical muscle with extreme techno, drum and bass and sampled guitars in such a way to make the PRODIGY look like mandolin strumming balladers. This band, adequately named according to their brand of electro, drives a hyper-speed blend of tech-noise together with a very welcomed sense of humor. The BPMs will give you a nose bleed if the harsh, volatile insanity of the music doesn't do it first.

Cutting up the elements of the history of electronic dance music (techno, acid, breakbeat, jungle, electro, hip hop, ambient etc), HYPERDRIVER cuts and pastes it and fucks it up to create his own "dance music". Sometimes it sounds like a "normal" dance track but there's always the special HYPERDRIVER touch; broken beats, fucked up acid, etc.... Ultimately hitting you with some extremely hardcore dance music that is now a pretty established trademark for him, harsh distorted breaks collide with deep hard basslines and great noise set the mood, sometimes slowing down to an almost hip hop pace.

"If you take yourself too seriously you turn into Elton John"...


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH197Noisy Distorted Bastard2017
DTRASH185All You Need Is Chaos2014
DTRASH180Dance Music For The Clinically Insane Part Two2013
DTRASH178The Hyperdriven Extremes2013
DTRASH165You Are Only Alive Because It Is Illegal To Shoot You2012
DTRASH156This Was Dramacore2011
DTRASH155Gargoyles & Grotesques2011
DTRASH110Naked Aggression2008
DTRASH070Just When You Thought It Was Safe...2005