hATEsTAR was introduced in early 2005. Tommy Malice + friends Jesus H. Christ and Osama Bin Laden started making music in the tiny little village of Riverside, CA (USSA).

Usually when one thinks of the term 'musical genius' the name hATEsTAR often goes unheard. Why, you ask? Because hATEsTAR sucks :D Starting off with no more than a computer and a tone dialer.. Tommy Malice's earlier work consisted of playing children's nursery rhyme rip-off songs like 'mary had a little lamb' and 'twinkle twinkle little [hate]star' using nothing but DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones.

The first hATEsTAR CD "111" was released for download free independently in early 2005. Following that was "The Last Day" released late 2005 by DTrash Records.

It has been difficult finding any label that would release the music due to poor production (self-recorded with a $3 soundcard and $10 microphone). The music was, at first, meant to be more of a hobby not to be taken TOO seriously by anyone. But later progressed into what is today considered O.K.!

"hATEsTAR came to mind when I just needed to think about something other than death. Something to ease the pain of living on this god-forsaken planet. I've always envisioned a lifestyle that was more than just 'hopes and dreams'. I needed something more tangible. Something that I can reach out and touch. Something that I could put my heart into without fear of rejection, and lo and behold I went in a different direction than everyone around me. "Industrial music? huh? you mean like Skinny Puppy? How are you going to do that live?" I just replied with "I don't care".

Industrial music is something that got me through my rough teen years, bands like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and KMFDM were constantly in my CD player, usually borrowed or dubbed onto cassette tape for the first couple of years when my family couldn't afford a CD player. I mean, shit has come and gone.. I've listened to every genre of music and nothing touches my soul more than Industrial music.

After about 3 months in a hospital bed I finally was able to return home and start experimenting with electronic music.. my hopes were that [my band] haCKstitch would get back together.. I just needed some other way to vent and through synths and sampling I found that I could create my own music without the need of a 'band' or 'group' behind me. So I dabbled in the arts and didn't really wish for anyone but my close friends to hear my nonsense electronic-stylings.

I made up a few clever names and started showing more and more people my music. It's kind of funny, each time I completed a song the band name would change and it progressed so well that people would ask: "this is pretty cool, who is this?" - they wouldn't believe me when I told them it was me.. that was when I thought I might be onto something. Even if only a few hundred people ever heard the songs.. I'd be happy if the message got to just one."

So there's a brief history of why hATEsTAR sucks.
L 0 v e, _t0mmy mALICE


DTRASH089Reinvent Self-Destruction2006
DTRASH074The Last Day2005