I was born in Japan. When I was a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies, and when I finally got to see what they looked like, I was so disappointed I decided to revenge myself on music. I also practised Karate for quite a long time, and participated in a few international championships. Since 1999, I’ve been living in France and working at Eurodisney where I play in the show called “Fairy Feast”.Like Walt Disney, I make animation films with different techniques, such as super8, flash and cardboard cuttings, over which I play during my concerts.

In 2002, I participated in a compilation called id02 for the french label Idwet. This year, for a film festival, I produced a “ciné-mix” (which consists in remaking the soundtrack of a film) on Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo , using a mix of noise, ambient, breakcore as well as extracts from black metal and hardcore.

I also play in a band with Liléa narrative: Rimaki.Together we have already made a “ciné-mix” for burlesque films by Buster Keaton and Charley Bowers, and we are now preparing a new one for some horror movies. We have founded our own label : Purée Noire. “Fabuleuse énergie féminine” is the first release.


DTRASH078Fabuleuse Energie Feminine2005