666:XXI century, the age of new possibilities, age of doom for some old ones. We lose what is a real; progress is what matters now. We lose and destroy, but create some new wonderful and scareful masterpieces at the same time. I could name it the age of The 666 Generation. Unfortunately as a human kind we bring destruction, but we build as well.

One of the most important innovation is the internet, which helps in communication and sending messages in a terrible tempo and scale. WWW is a powerful weapon, and everyone can possess it. So we use this. Usual record companies end, because of new forms for spreading the music. Underground scene has got its new shape; no-one gets profits, and you don't have to pay anymore (in fact, you pay for using internet only; WWW=666). Well we give you an non-commercial studio product, with no censorship, with no conditions or restrictions; available for everyone. Paying WWW you value with getting the pure product. Listen to it.

Studio: Studio is the room, PC, sound card, two lads, dynamic microphone and acoustic guitar. About 90% of sounds you can listen to is generated by computer, except the voices and guitar, which is recorded with the microphone help. Then we put some distortions with the music applications. It effects in a new sound bringing you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Enjoy it.



DTRASH199Czeci Plac/6662017
DTRASH146Wci?nij Knefel2010
DTRASH081Samoloty Kamikadze2006