The name is 64Revolt or 64revolt or 64REVOLT, whatever you prefer. We are three friends from the city of Malmö, Sweden. Patrik, Emil and Korro. Ever since the beginning, way back in 1999, the band has always consisted of Emil and Patrik.

Back then we were mostly a studio band or a concept, not really capable of pulling off satisfying live shows. By the spring of 2005, after a concert at Slimelight, London, we decided that there was time for a change. We couldn't take the vision of the band any further with just two guys so we asked Korro if she were willing to join up. She agreed and so the band faced a new beginning. Now there is much more energy on stage, with both Patrik and Korro on vocals, and Emil doing his dance behind the synthesizers.

64revolt was initially formed by believing in the power of machines. And NOT in believing in the society as it is today. Our lyrics aren't as direct as many fellow dhc-acts because we think that the audience is fed up with stage performers who think they can dictate what is right and what is wrong. We do admire that kind of effort but we have chosen another path.

64Revolt has always hated the idea of becoming just another digital hardcore-band, we try to make music that fills a void in the music-community of today. We are part of the 80's videogame-generation and we feel that the Nintendo and c64-like sounds in our music is our common language opposed to a guitar-solo or something like that.

Every record has of course meant a great deal to us at the time it has been released. However our latest is most definitely the one that we appreciate the most. Here we think that we have found our most successful sound - a tasteful mixture between alarming dhc-noise and catchy video game melodies.

64revolt has been a band quite known to the digital hardcore-people around the world for a few years now, but with this release we got a bit more attention from the pop-followers as well. It has been very important to us to become a name in the Swedish music community this year, and we have been somewhat successful. With our latest release, we have got the opportunity to play at the biggest music festival in Sweden alongside huge bands like NIN and Slipknot, proving to ourselves that we really can throw a good live performance. 64Revolt is definitely a band that should be enjoyed live rather than on a recording, the directness and energy of our music gets amplified a thousand times during a crowded show.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH090Ballads Of Malice And Discontent EP2006