Formed in 2002 by Robbie Furze and Antti Uusimaki. Rooted in punk and metal. Influenced by industrial, experimental & electronica, Generated organic noise layered with programmed. Processed drums, mixed with guitars and noise. An unconventional structure and formula that forms the unique sound of PANIC DHH.

The band operates out of the UK and releases under their own HATE CHANNEL Recordings, having put out multiple format releases of crushing noise electronics, and recently released a full length for DIGITAL HARDCORE Recordings, an extreme and cold slab of industrial noise metal.

In late 2006 D-TRASH Records approached PANIC DHH about a bootleg found on a P2P file share network. The album, completely track title-less and simply labelled "Live Electric Set". We were intrigued and asked them what this was and for permission to release it as a Digital Download.

Robbie Furze: Alec Empire's guitarist, punk and metal form his musical core. His Industrial influences led him to programming and experimenting with electronics and noise generating machines. His experiences playing live and the organic audience reaction of a live improvised noise performance was something he wanted to inject into Panic D H H.

Antti Uusimaki: Antti uses a hybrid of analogue and digital equipment. His layers and sound treatments create a sense of sonic intensity that defines Panic D H H. having worked with Brian Eno, Barry Adamson, Coldcut and labels such as Nothing and Ninja Tune, Antti developed a diverse production sound.

Juliet Elliott: Her influences encompass the whole of the metal genre. Her guitar style forms the backbone of Panic D H H relentless intense aggressive style.

Adam Lewis: Coming from a background of jazz drumming and through various no name punk bands, Adam takes Panic D H Hs extreme processed drum sound from the studio to the stage effortlessly, combining electronica with live acoustic drums.

Robbie Furze: Guitars / Vox, Programming
Antti Uusimaki: Electronics / Programming
Juliet Elliott: Guitars
Adam Lewis: Drums


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