DK DANCE is an industrial punk band from Annecy, composed of three members coming from different musical circles (metal, riot and punk). Our music mixes electronic rhythms (hard tech), reinforced with heavy and repetitive guitar riffs, floating through a black metal atmosphere. This music is puntuated by French lyrics sometimes calm, other times screaming in a black death riot metal style. In 2004, we came out with our first demo, containing 7 tracks.

We recorded a second demo "La Violence Est En Nous", which is a concept album, based on the younger sacrificed generation who can't find a job in spite of their education level.
At the beginning, the project was due to come out in professional packaging with the help of the gothic industrial crew "Convulsions Sonores", but this plan went wrong. We made a new demo with 7 tracks during Summer 2006 called "Le Couloir De La Mort", which focused on the French media and television corruption by fascist politicians.

D-TRASH now releases in 2006, a self titled debut on the label, comprised of material from "Le Couloir..." and "La Violence...", with DK DANCE at the same time working on more “black, punk, riot” oriented tracks of brutal beats, atmosphere and screaming vocals...


DTRASH202L'orgue de Barbarie2017
DTRASH183La France Qui Tache2013
DTRASH152Smells Like Riot2010
DTRASH115Le Decroissance2008
DTRASH092DK Dance2006