If I can sum up my life in two words to this point, it's computers and music. As far as I remember, I've always been into the two of them, and now I'm addicted to both (caffeine as well...) - Back in the day, little did I know they were to play such a prevalent role in my life.

When I was 5, we got our first computer, the Texas Instruments ZX81 (as well as owning an Atari 2600, damn they were cool) - it was fate that at that point, music videos and music video channels were just starting, and I remember staring at these pop stars with awe, like comic book characters. Computers and music were just sooo cool. The next years I spent with a Commodore VIC20, then C64 and had every pirated game out there handy, as well as a tape deck/radio to listen to all that latest bubblegum happyhappy 80's pop music that was such a part of my youngest years, I had my favorite Top 10 radio stations and everything. My parents wanted me to go outside and socialize more, and I wanted to play video games and call up BBS' and listen to Tiffany and the Beatles. About the time I got into PCs later, I was just starting Junior High and had an axe to grind, and in hand, Metallica and Guns N Roses and other cassettes of more pissed off music of the heavy metal kind to help me vent out that youth aggression... Those years solidified it and I went on to high school majoring in Computers in my studies, and wishing I could be James Hetfield or Axl Rose, still pirating games, still spending all my paper route money on any used 80's thrash tapes I could get. I even played in a few bands near the end of high school and realized how much I liked to rock out and scream my face off to hardcore tunes...

Fast forward to a few years later; all of my favorite bands had sold out and went commercial, and things sucked a lot more. I was bored, had no band to play in and was stuck in college taking a Computer Programmer/Analyst course, and then I discovered this type of music. I had been into "industrial" flavours of the heavy metal genre, before, but not really this particular type of music. I was even more of a recluse, with the internet now around for me to set up web pages for local bands on, and I liked what I heard... Sort of a combination of the elements of punk and the aggression of heavy metal, but with the cool sounds and odd mechanized madness of electronic music, of video game music. I had been waiting so long unconsciously to hear this. Best of all, these new bands were addressing the political concerns I was teaching myself about and discovering - I had been lied to all my life by everyone who was supposed to be an authority figure - not something too surprising... but the addition of an interest in politics made the computers and music combo wayyy more different and productive.

I started SCHIZOID in Spring 1998 after checking out this shitty sequencer program and spending hours upon hours messing around with sounds. At this point I was pissed off with so much that I saw in life. I was reading psychology-textbooks and found this book "Love and WIll" by Rollo May - he described the way schizoid personality types are - isolated, artistic, to themselves, in their own world, in their own reality, indifferent to society as a whole and forging their own creative bridges to figuring themselves and what they want out. I could relate to this definitely, and took the SCHIZOID moniker. The vocals for it all started with a line I wrote out on my binder in school "What to believe... What to believe?!? The 'truths' so many in number - We don't have to take this shit anymore! Enough is enough!" - I screamed that over a better sounding-experiment in Multique, and it rocked...

I met up with the guys from DTRASH through the internet, and they dug what they heard, and I was brought aboard. I liked what I heard... this was exactly the type of music that my mind was designed to enjoy. Hearing this satisfied so much of my early childhood videogameconditioning, while satisfying my current cravings for music that was not only aggressive, attitude-filled, feisty and rebellious, but also chock full of the politics that at this point, I couldn't look in the mirror if I didn't acknowledge anymore. I made a lot of mental re-evaluations about shit (including amongst other things becoming a veggie) from there my involvement in with DTRASH grew more and more, from releasing my debut album, to starting to do promotional work through the internet for my band and DTRASH and it all snowballed from there.

After 2-3 years of constant, stubborn, persistent work on the net and in the disgusting real world, I can say that my vision of where I want to help take DTRASH isn't even 0.01% complete - though people tell me we're doing pretty good for ourselves, but fuck it, it's never enough. Every band should release an album every half-year and as well, every record label should be as cool to their fans as much as we all wish as fans, that they could/should be. Too many of my favorite bands have sold out, and gotten stale, forgot what they were about, and what made me so interested in their plight and their art... I've been more broken-hearted and disappointed in my musical heroes, than by any one girlfriend. Like everything else in life, you have to do it yourself, if you want anything. I'm sick of pouting about sellouts, I'll make my own music, the tools are there to do so, so easily. Anyone can do this (I like what Radiohead said, "Anyone can play guitar"), this is as open to taking part in as the cool early 90's 3-chord grunge band scene, or for that matter, the punk scene/DIY scene all across the world for the past two decades, music can't be a spectator sport anymore, we all can have something to contribute to the scene. In my newest CD, I say "FUCK THE GOVERNMENT, RELIGIONS, MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS", and I mean it, I am bitter about the way humanity has turned out and the choices it makes, and I want everyone to know about it! I'm no protester. I'm no people/politician type. I'm a computer addict who can scream louder than anyone, this is how I express myself, with songs and lyrics I make on my PC in my home studio.

DTRASH is the perfect vehicle to release this music through. Whether online releases, cd-r releases, or pressed releases that have distrobution all over the world, I can be so much more efficient in terms of the work I have to do, to do the normal band things that you have to do, if you want more for your band and your message, than just to appear in some cyberpunk's photocopied black and white zine.. We don't have to operate on those levels anymore, now our audience is much more reachable and in contact. Without the internet, things wouldn't be the same. The whole MP3 card has made DTRASH and SCHIZOID's jobs that much easier. I love working with DTRASH and seeing how this exciting and new type of music develops... maybe I'm ambitious, but I want us who work so hard now, to be a part of the future history of this genre and referenced like a Black Sabbath-figure-in-the-heavy-metal-scene or something. We have releases 25 releases to this point of some of the best artists and CDs that I've ever heard. We can do this, now is the perfect time... The conditions right now are just like in the 50's before rock n' roll music started. Simmering under the surface is a whole armada of youth who dig computers and music just as much as I do, and are making their tracks, their art, as well to oppose and expose the system that gives them nothing but government-controlled music about the reality that lies to and oppresses us so much. I love what I see developing before me... the seeds are definitely in place and have sprouted, now its only a matter of time, we've got them running scared...


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