All GIGGLIN DILDAS members grew up in the 90's Belgian alternative electronic music scene. As almost everybody in that scene, each one of us separately started to throw parties, on these parties the DJ was the main actor, he decided what to play, so music automatically became dance-y, intelligent, DJ-friendly, standardized... Pfft boring.

But around 2000, the internet scene started to rise up, it was the perfect tool to search for crazy, weird, crappy, radical music... It was also perfect for meeting kindred spirits...

Some kids downloaded music and music programs, made crappy music, invited friends that made same kinda stuff and we threw very cheap parties in squats and deserted factories. These were the "Breakcore Gives me Wood" parties.

2 years later, almost everybody was playing on a laptop, which was rather boring, there was no contact with the public, not a real live band feeling. So the only two girls in the wood crew: Heidelien and Val formed a band:


They stared to scream over beats that Steven played on his Electribe sampler. They never practiced for a show. It was all kinda improvised and crappy. If you want to know what it sounded like, you should lookout for their first demo cd: "Giggle-Di-Doo We Don't Like You", It was recorded on a drunk night in one take, sound quality was terrible. As the wood-parties growed, the DILDAS grew with it, their music became harder, faster, more intense with the screams becoming louder and more diverse...

Fall 2006, THE GIGGLIN DILDAS recorded their album 'Beautyqueens' and burned it on 60 CDr's to spread on their tour (with brown paper sleeve)... In May 2007, the same album is released through D-Trash Records.