PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES is the uterus of Slave Indvstries, a collective of musicians and activists.

The first PÜA tracks were birthed in 1999 on a 133 mHz PC, fleshed out in the solitary quiet of an Indiana bedroom. PÜA existed in scattered songs added to S.I. live performances until Diesel decided to branch out on her own, drawing inspiration from strong women such as Phoolan Devi, Marietta Holley, Gertrude Bell, Frida Khalo, and even the iconic 1940s image of Rosie the Riveter.

Due to Diesel's tendency to shave her hair into a mohawk and engage in similarly "atypical" female behavior, from launching into feminist tirades to insisting on doing anything men can do, PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES was given its name by photographer and close friend G. Wilson.

The name "PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES" is a statement on the world today, the continuing persistence of male-dominated hierarchies in nearly every industry and creative venue alike. PÜA questions not only the cultural perception that women are somehow less capable than men, but also turns a critical eye toward the female behavior that propagates that mis- conception.

In 2004, PÜA were introduced to the world via their "Iron Woman" album, a furious and raucous collection of scathing digital hardcore feminist anthems, appropriately released through Atari Teenage Riot vocalist Hanin Elias' Fatal Recordings label, and well received by fans and critics alike.

In the three years following this release, the riot-starters of PÜA have been FSU. Shortly after Iron Woman was unleashed, the band's founders-- Diesel and Remy-- relocated to Motor City, where they soon were put in touch with the legendary gutter cunt Emma. She joined Diesel on vocals to help create a fierce, memorable live show. From loft parties in Eastern Market to the DEMF, from street festivals to the Alec Empire-endorsed Toronto Digital Hardcore festival, PÜA has spent the last few years ripping up stages and testbombing new tracks.

The first hint of what's to come can be found on PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES' newest release, "Les Femmes De La Guerre", a powerful EP that includes remixes of their stand-out track "Brawl at the Boys & Girls Club" as well as their new shout-along anthem, "Fuck the Radio." These new tracks have sweaty, bloody breakcore bitches pumping their fists and trashing their tuners. As of 2007, PÜA has added another member, guitarist and longtime friend Favst, a kick-ass Detroit musician that has released several solo CDs and remixed Goteki, among others. There are plans to release another PÜA EP this year, as well as live tracks, more remixes, and several limited edition collaborations with other friends in the underground.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH129.5Nur Ein Bisschen2010
DTRASH129.4Fuck The Radio2009
DTRASH129.2Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club2009
DTRASH099Les Femmes De La Guerre2007