BLIPVERT is the pseudonym of composer and multi-instrumentalist Will Redmond. BLIPVERT came to the forefront of Will's identity in a small room above an animal hospital in the winter of early 2001 in New York City. Will had been a fan of electronic music all his life. After acquiring a laptop and a small sampler, Will set to work on creating his own personal style of electronic music.

Will grew up in suburban California. He first picked up a guitar at age 13, which he rented from the local music store. Will mostly played in rock and metal bands in high school, and then went on to college to discover all kinds of music ranging from jazz to experimental electronic composition. Will soon moved to New York to study composition at New York University and immerse himself in the city's vibrant musical environment.

As a guitarist, Will was one of the original members of PAK, a New York based avant-rock group founded by guitarist Ron Anderson. The group's debut CD, '100% Human Hair' was produced by Elliott Sharp and established the band as a major force in New York's experimental music community. PAK was featured on Elliott Sharp's 'State of the Union' compilation - as part of a collection of 1 minute works - alongside some of today's most prominent avant-garde composers and producers such as John Zorn, Ikue Mori, DJ Spooky, and Zeena Parkins. After several tours of Europe and a U.S. tour with the Ruins, Will
left PAK to pursue teaching and other projects.

Will has contributed his guitar skills to Time of Orchids, appearing on the band's 2001 debut release 'Melonwhisper.' He has recorded and performed extensively as a guitarist with many free improv groups (Mambo Mantis, Samsara, Muffinhead, DJ Squid) and is a regular in New York City's improv community. His chamber compositions have been featured works at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and New York University. He holds two Masters degress in teaching and music composition. He is released on EMF Media, Eat Concrete, RA Sounds, Sachimay Interventions, and Trixy records.

The music of BLIPVERT combines noise, fractured dancefloor rhythms, robotic vocal chants, and alien soundscapes into a unique collage of sonic mayhem. BLIPVERT's 2004 debut release, 'Triple Acid Foot,' on Brooklyn, New York's RA Sounds was reviewed as 'a clever masterpiece' by smother.net and was one of the NYC Downtown Music Gallery's best of 2004 releases. Will also released a BLIPVERT EP on Brooklyn's Trixy Records in 2007 entitled 'skr(ep).' BLIPVERT recently appeared on a vinyl compilation entitled 'New Deal' released by the Netherlands' Eat Concrete Records.

In a live setting, BLIPVERT takes on a twisted life of its own as Will constantly remixes, accompanies, and alters the music through the use of air theremins, vocoders, and a host of effects modules. Will delivers blistering high energy performances as he dances all over the place as though he's possessed. Will might also add in all kinds of ethnic instruments to the mix - most specifically the shehnai, Will's favorite - to add a unique quality to the already bizzare sound structures.

Currently, Will conducts most of his operations from Oakland, California. Will is both excited and honored to be working with DTrash Records. He looks forward to blowing people's heads open with all kinds of sound for a long time to come.


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