You’re going to get in touch with a bunch of dangerous animals!!!

MATAMACHETE have been playing together since 2003, building a peculiar sound assembling breakbeat, industrial and drum’n’bass rhythmics, poisoning it with punk and hardcore guitar riffs. Heightening their frenzied musical menace with brutal vocals by two singers was the next step. Maybe more punk-oriented than band like PitchShifter, and with a noisy approach sometimes reminding of Unsane, MATAMACHETE unleashes a musical fury and a disturbing sonic pressure.... By this ambiguous device they brought disorder, noise and nihilism in our beloved society…

During the first year of existence MATAMACHETE worked on their first self-produced CD… The song “Wrong Working World” appeared on the soundtrack for “Out of bounds”, a drama about a boxer that ends up in a hard-hitting world of illegality.

In the beginning of 2007 the band started working on their second CD at the Studio 21 altogether with a talented local young producer, Nino Mauro. Named “Tanin No Kao” (The Face of Another)… The song “GREED” was used to shot their first video, directed by Andrea Todaro…

If you ever feel the need for infesting your ears and your place with such a peculiar and brand-new approach to punk, consider the chance to watch the band in action!!!


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