NWODTLEM is the multimedia project of Toronto artist Sean Marven. Although the moniker has been in existence for over a decade, the focus has been on video work since 2007. Utilizing samples and bits of video as a kind of explosive ammunition, this audio/video weapon is aimed straight at the audience. Ranging from high speed intricate videocore, to plunderphonic silliness, with occasional departures towards slow industrial rhythms, the overall effect is a total assault on the senses.

Having started in the breakcore underground in Toronto, NWODTLEM expanded his exposure to audiences over the UK while living abroad for several years. NWODTLEM blazes his own trail through hyper edited incendiary compositions. Every mash-up video is handcrafted though splicing and dicing, stretching and layering and composition to create visual music, 'what you see is what you hear'. This is broken post-industrial dance music for the Youtube generation. While there are now 4 video releases from NWODTLEM it's on the live stage where he really shines, mixing his a/v tracks live to create an audio-video overload.


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH193Inane Asylum2015
DTRASH176It Didn't Happen…2013
DTRASH107Video Pir82008