Out to destroy and rid the world of manufactured music, NO BRIGADE devised a plan in 2006 that predicted the demise of the mainstream. Armed with technologically advanced blast-beats and a matter-of-fact vocal approach, the two founding members (I No and You No) began infiltrating shows, surprising even the most skeptical of audiences. Their live performances proved to be explosive and confrontational, as baffled masses watched on in shock while the band would reach peaks of complete obliteration on stage. Jaws remained dropped, eyes stayed open as NO BRIGADE would claim the stage as their own and dared anyone who was brave enough to get in their way.

Realizing that there were no limitations to their evolution within the digital hardcore realm, I No and You No decided to branch out musically incorporating both analog and digital sounds into their already eclectic repertoire. "Welcome To Hell", the band's first full length LP, was recorded independently at a small studio outside of Toronto in early 2008. I No and You No have come a long way since 2006, and with each passing day their prediction is being realized... people are only just beginning to understand...

The threat is real!


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH191They Live2015
DTRASH124Back In Hell2010
DTRASH114Welcome To Hell2008