Frustrated by the fact that there’s no breakcore scene in Croatia, Danijel a.k.a. Badanijel a.k.a. DISBREAKZ decided to start a musical r/evolution in this part of the world and so he began to make his own music in 2008.

Influenced by all genres of the diy underground music scene, such as… breakcore / mashup / jungle / gabber / glitch / amen break / rave / noise / IDM / speedcore / dubstep / breakstep / punkdub / screamo / sludge / trash-d-beat-hardkor punk / mathcore / avant-garde / mathrock / crossover / post hardcore-rock-metal / chaotic hardcore / jazzcore / ravecore / nintendocore / noisecore / Dusko Lokin Vs. Licke drvosjece Vs. Tajchi, eurodance & ultimate 80s & 90s disco power pop bits, DISBREAKZ decided to present his vision of breakcore.

DISBREAKZ is also influenced by ultra mega disco/pop hits from the 80s and 90s, so he wanted to create a mix of fast glitchy jungle breaks combined with crazy disco/pop vocal cutz.

Out of contempt towards boring “normal” music, DISBREAKZ introduces fresh new ideas, bad breakz and sarcastic humour into his remixes, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages;).

The r/evolution has begun…


DTRASH200Trash The World2015
DTRASH194Dissonant Terror2016
DTRASH153Subvert Breakpunks 4 Way Split2010
DTRASH132Unpredictable Breaks = Unpredictable Mind2009
DTRASH122Subvert Punx 4-Way Split2009