TUAREG GEEKS started in 2002 as the noise/weird music, project of two high school friends, Santiago and Paco. It was sort a joke band, nothing serious, just trying to bother people and having fun being obnoxious. Soon they thought about sending their music to other places because Mexico can be very backwards sometimes and there wasn't a local audience for TG. Another member joined the band, to play guitar in live shows and colaborate with the music. He was from Azcapotzalco, so they called him Azcapo.

Soon after that, they made another album, Introduction to Global Stupidity, which was released by DHR in 2005. Around that year, TG played some shows in Mexico, but people didn't like much the breakcore-noise thing, the scene was more into gabber and goth electo. After the DHR release the band disappeared for some years, Santiago went to live to Vancouver, Paco minded his own business and Azcapo joined a death metal band or something like that. While the band was paused, their music appeard on several compilations, but they don't remember exactly which ones.

After a year in Canada, Santiago returned to Mexico City and tried to put together the band several times, but it didn't work, they were to busy doing other stuff. In 2008 there was a show in which Tuareg Geeks played live for the first time in three years, this time only Santiago and Azcapo. Santiago didn't like much the show but got inspired, after three years there was a bunch of people, interested in listening to that kind of music. Something had happened while the TUAREG GEEKS weren't there. Santiago started making new music, and some months later he had a new TUAREG GEEKS album, basically a product in reaction to that party.

TUAREG GEEKS music is very varied, changing radically from one track to the next, trying always to make something different, with a personality or with a special theme. It has evolved from raw lo-fi and sample based, to something cleaner and more digital, but still maintains the same playful attitude from the early days.


DTRASH190Punk And Desert War2014
DTRASH167Introduction To Global Stupidity2012
DTRASH130Gaggeo De Golosinas2009