Iíve been fucking around with this as long as I can remember, first blinding light and crying and then the Playstation. In all fairness thereís been a lot in between but itís all been horrible. I use a crude bedroom set up customized by my tech genius father, a PS2 connected up to a tv with inbuilt dvd and video cassette player for direct film sampling, in turn hooked up to my old stereo via the Vid Aux function, then that 2 my 32 virtual track, Boss BR 532 portable digital studio which I use as a 4 track, 2 channels beatz, one vox and the last Philís guitar, usually played in one live A to B take.

The set up is low fi, all tracks first recorded to olí fashioned audio cassette Ė so thatís the hiss youíre hearing Ė before Phil converts it to computer and disk in his room. My bedroom studio which I lovingly refer to as The Machine, is low fi both out of necessity and chance but also a political statement. In a time when 6 conglomerates got it all sown up and mass media brain washes itís denizens with shiny, pop tart music by continuous rotation play on MTV and mainstream radio, crass soulless music about fucking and material wealth, while real Artists who have a voice, musical integrity and talent and donít just rely on million dollar production to make gimmicky music best suited to ring tones, well they remain hidden and un heard.

Instead we are sold the poison of club hedonism, donít get me wrong there may be a time for dancing but this isnít it, the worldís going under and this live for today, do what you want and fuck tomorrow attitude thatís being sold is unhealthy. Well, I choose to do something different, a more punk D.I.Y attitude inspired most directly by Atari Teenage Riotís get some equipment , any equipment and make some fucking noise!!!!

Musically I grew up on rock, Aerosmith, Kiss but my dad would throw in Kate Bush, En vogue, Pink Floyd, the Stranglers, The Beatles and much in between. My own taste started with the whole 9oís indie scene with bands such as Blur, Space, Radiohead and from America Beck but all the time I was looking for something heavier. Limp Bizkit lead to hip hop and ended in El-p. NIN lead to Ministry and industrial and that to Apex Twin and then DHR. Over time Iíve come to assemble it all into Random, everything from Reznorís arrangements, El-pís walls of tech noise Ė is it music, Iím not sure? Ė Muggís from Cypress Hillís deep and atmospheric production, in particular on Temples of Boom, has been a major influence. Sex Pistols to Bad Religion to Hatebreed lead me to lyrics which I hope covey deep meanings and concepts simply but with out being tripe. Refused and Pink Floyd showed me how to put albums together. 90ís Drum and Bass showed me how to structure tunes and use samples to give voice to music. J5 and Public Enemy showed me how to rap with power without spitting poison. . . and so on. . .

The second man in the Random team is ( ill) Phil and it would be no overstatement to say none of this would be possible without him. Weíve been best mates since school and heís been in Emo bands off and on but we first collaborated almost by chance on the song Perfect State of Rage. I made a beat one night based around nothing, Phil showed me a tune heíd made up some nights previous and by chance it fitted the timing and duration and sounded ace. I found some pretty bleak song Iíd wrote in stream on consciousness at some point the whole thing worked and then my friends Dave Brown and Paul Ellis did some backing vocals. Frustratingly the song we fluked in half an hour is still the one people seem to like the most!

Before this DTRASH release weíd had a few very good demo reviews in Rock Magazines and a fair bit of radio play off and on but our biggest achievement was our cover version of Army of Me being chosed by Bjork personally for inclusion on her charity album for Unicef released through One Lil Indian. much love to Hayley Myers for the hook up there x.

Well that pretty much brings you up to speed consider you ass randomized!